Secured payment

On Grafitee, you can pay by PayPal or by credit card securely. With our certified partners (PayPal™ / Stripe™), no "sensitive" information is processed or stored on our servers. In addition, the website identity is authenticated by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate and our platform is fully developed around the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure protocol (HTTPS). This combination of third-party payment, authentication and encryption helps ensure the security, privacy and integrity of your data.

To place your order by Credit Card, simply enter the number, the expiry date (MM / YY) and the security code (CVC) in the field provided. We accept the following payment cards: VISA®, MasterCard® and American Express®. Your order is registered as soon as payment is accepted by our bank partner.

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To place your order with PayPal, you are redirected to the PayPal website where you can choose to pay directly with your PayPal account, but also by Credit Card, without having to create an account. PayPal accepts the following means of payment cards: VISA®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Maestro® - and is totally free. Your order is registered as soon as payment is accepted by PayPal.


We take care of your data and understand that you may be concerned about the security and confidentiality of your online transfers. That's why we work with Comodo CA Limited - a leading certification authority - whose practices and processes have been rigorously audited by an independent auditor (Ernst & Young) in accordance with AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Comodo High Assurance certificates allow a high level of encryption and prove that our company exists physically and legally.

To ensure that your sensitive data, such as your credit card details, are fully encrypted when you interact with our website, we have implemented the HTTPS protocol. Concretely, we use state-of-the-art data encryption to ensure the security and confidentiality of transactions on our platform. All our exchanges pass through an unintelligible "hash" of characters, using a technology called SSL. It looks like this:

3048 0241 00C9 18FA CF8D EB2D EFD5 FD37 89B9 E069 EA97 FC20 5E35 F577 EE31 C4FB C6E4 4811 7D86 BC8F BAFA 362F 922B F01B 2F40 C744 2654 C0DD 2881 D673 CA2B 4003 C266 E2CD CB02 0301 0001

Apart from the communications between your computer and our servers, no one can interpret this encrypted information. With this SSL encryption, all the data transmitted between our server and your browser remain confidential and secure. Each time you visit one of our pages, a small padlock appears in the address bar of your browser to indicate that we use SSL. You may also notice that http:// is replaced by https:// (the 'S' means 'Secure'). And that you navigate on a perfectly secured website. If you have any questions about payment methods or security, feel free to contact us.