The Temple of T-shirts

Created in August 2008 by Garry Poupin, Grafitee’s one true goal was to present all various t-shirts brands from everywhere in the world. Not reviewing only historical brands news, but also young brands rising or passionate creators’ work, the magazine has quickly been establishing itself a reference in alternative fashion and indie culture. The tee-shirt is the most worn outfit in the world (only in Europe and the States, 5 billion are sold each year). But it is also a great way to convey a message, feeling, idea for all sorts of artists, enjoying its cool dimension, universal use and easy access.

Today, we are not even keeping track of all the crowd concepts, indie brands and online stores that are working together with worldwide artists, designers, photographers, illustrators, typographers, graphic designers… to create original, beautiful or off the wall t-shirts (often in limited editions). Globalization, internet, and more recently DTG (direct to garment) printing techniques have contributed to enlarge this movement, offering a wider choice in various styles: basics, allover, long cut, pocket, jersey, tie-dye, embroidered, customized, patched, flecked (…). The Tshirt industry is constantly developing new cuts, fabrics and patterns, and the trendsetters and fashion addicts around the world wouldn’t complain. From the outset, Grafitee has been covering with devotion this fashion and social revolution, which became a true society phenomenon. From conception to silkscreen printing, from branding to shooting or packaging, each and every aspect of the “T culture” has been reviewed with a smooth enthusiasm and our very own curiosity.

In 2011 started to raise the idea of creating a shop gathering young brands in search for visibility. Arousing interest and enthusiasm from brands, creators and the public, the project has been maturing, growing, being thought and developed. Three years later, Grafitee is now proud to give birth to the first marketplace focusing on t-shirts and entirely composed with indie brands and artists. The magazine is not left aside and will even been enlarged thanks to four new themes: Arts, Fashions, Events and Lifestyle. This will not only make Grafitee a pioneer media for indie culture but also a unique meeting point for all the tee-shirts hunters, looking for original, rare or exclusive tees. Take care and stay inspired!