Tim City
Tim City

Tim City

An original idea coupled with a pretty cool graphical and visual approach, here is the concept behind the Amsterdam-based brand TimCity. René Tim, the founder of the brand, is hiding behind this idea of reflecting the cities energy thanks to a graphic representation of the cities maps. Tim has been fascinated with big cities and studied urbanism which probably explains his addiction for city maps and his will to represent their identity into graphic creations.

From the sky, it can be hard to understand and perceive the energy of a city. And yet, in designs created by René Tim, you will perfectly recognize the spirit and energy of each of these capitals. Barcelona, New York City, Paris or Amsterdam are represented on clothes and tote bags. You can recognize each city map, and their specific energy. With these goods, we can easily understand René Tim’s fascination for architecture and his envy to reflect it on fabric. Another proof if we needed one that mixing architecture, graphic design and fashion was a strange but working bet, with a very fresh and right result.

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