Here at Grafitee, we have been following Stepart since their beginnings in 2009 (already!) and its arrival on our online store was just the logical next step. The point in common between Stepart and Grafitee, is their conviction and belief that an artist makes the a brand. And this is what we find at Stepart across its collaborations and collections, always as diverse and universal as ever. Humour, graphics and references of all kinds, Stepart is a cultural melting-pot, which constantly evolves and successfully renews whilst retaining its identity that has made it so successful.

Nuggets with each new collection, impactful designs that provoke, or more subtly, are remembered. And an increasing number of artists who are bringing their own individuality and style to the designs proposed by Stepart. T-shirts are sometimes simple and pure, sometimes completely zany... enough to satisfy the most demanding. In terms of production, the factory is based in northern Portugal and the goods are made in an exclusive fabric which better fits with the designs proposed by Stepart talented artists. Ditto with the screen printing made in France with specific inks for each print. In short, the range of graphic gems is unbelievable!

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