Smiling Paris
Smiling Paris

Smiling Paris

Born in Paris in 2012, Smiling Paris is an indie brand that is now taking a big part in the streetwear landscape. With some original pieces and fabrics coming from everywhere in the world, the French brand is creating designs that everyone will love no matter your style as they have this chic urban touch and a beautiful creative ambition.

Smiling Paris is mixing styles with three different t-shirts lines: the graphic one, with prints, the handmade one with cut&sew and the oversized one. Amongst those three lines, you will find many different designs, fabrics, cuts: patchs, allover, crop tops, oversized sweatshirts, tie-dye, long tee… The Paris-based brand is always in search for innovation and will for sure conquer the world and all of his tribes, from Paris to LA: street, pop, trendy, geek, Smiling Paris is multiple and this fusion is exactly what makes it one of a kind. The brand has an eclectic signature with a cool and off the wall universe. Just too cool to care!

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