Pixel Mania

Pixel Mania

Pixels, these small 1x1 squares, galore! Singularity and particularity of the illustrations. Welcome to the world of Pixel Mania! The brand is inspired by the pixel art by taking classical forms, known symbols or popular references by pixelating them. A simple yet perfectly symmetrical shape, the pixel is juxtaposed, colored and multiplied to give ultra cool and trendy pop visuals printed on t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and tote bags.

With its harmonious minimalism, the brand brings its stone to the 8-bit building by drawing its inspiration in the video games of the old forgotten consoles, internet memes, or exotic fruits. Discover original and unique models around Mario World, unicorns or the mythical Game Boy. If you are trying to print your fruit, your character, your favorite symbol on a t-shirt, it's coming up. Explore the designs of this brand and find the garment 100% pixel that fits to your mood of the day.

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