Pick Pocket
Pick Pocket

Pick Pocket

Those pickpockets are closer to Arsene Lupin, the gentleman housebreaker with his style and composure, than the purse snatchings. The French brand was created by two childhood friends who pursued the dream of created a new basic piece of clothes as the chino or derby can be. A basic top, with a nice cut, in white, black or grey, with a small pocket sewed right where the heart is. Something simple, a great quality and all the ideas allowed for this little pocket, both for patterns and fabrics. 

Those fabrics have been travelling far before becoming those little pieces of pockets since they were bargain-hunted all around the world, from the heartland of France to trendy L.A. Those fabrics are the essence of Pick Pocket’s tee-shirts and are the reason why they are almost unique since fabrics are often available in very small series and never cut or sew the same way. Patterns and colours declinations are numerous, for a result that is always very well done, simple, with great quality and amazing details. Pick Pocket tees are handmade in France with a casual chic style that is very nice and is totally worth the try!

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