Every day its mood. For each top its punchline. Mood brand loves to play with original expressions. It develops on a range of cotton garments, quotes, expressions or words that are used in the everyday language printed in a black font or colored in a bold style. Depending on the design, it can be used to convey a message, to express its opinion or to challenge a person. Man or woman, happy mood or in yolo mode, according to your state of mind of the day, you will be able to display the shattering replica or a flight of lyricism that matches with you.

For fans of quote, the brand has thought of everything: tops with hashtags, references to movies, provocative hooks ... Mood mixes references and styles of lettering for a sleek and impactful rendering that will not leave indifferent your entourage. Dressed under a jacket or in an apparent way, the expressions printed on these garments will certainly trigger a reaction from the one who reads them. Last precision: these clothes have to be looked below the surface, of course!

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