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MOMOT is a group of Korean designers who have made papertoy their speciality. Having become a must-have in the world of paper-made toys, the brand proposes a large variety of DIY characters, inspired by many icons of popculture (superheroes notably).

From Darth Vader to Captain America, passing through Hulk, Iron Man or Wolverine, MOMOT has re-invented our favorite heroes for both small to older children, in search of objects fun and original. In addition to the wide choice, 2 sizes are available : M (13cm in height)and XL (from 30 to 33cm in height depending on the characters). If you opt for the small size, you will be entitled to a presentation box as well. To assemble your MOMOT, nothing more simple as the installation only requires a tube of glue and some patience... You just have to follow the instructions with the steps all numbered. Have fun!

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