La 19ème Planque

La 19ème Planque

Born in Paris in 2014, La Dix-Neuvième Planque, which means the 19th hideout in French, is a brand inspired by hip hop, art and Parisian culture. This gives an original collection with designs available in limited editions using photos, kickass taglines, embroidery and colourful fabrics.

The approach is local and consistent, fabric is organic cotton from "fair wear foundation", the cut is straight and the production is 100% made in Paris, whether it's for creation, printing, silkscreen printing, cut and sew or embroidery. A process that allows the brand to take a great care in their products' quality and to be able to create new designs on a regular basis. Their style is mixing streetwear, ethnic culture and French fashion and style. The brand works with artists such as From Democles to get this colourful and ethnic result, or such as Dupin & Duclos, Nantes-based artists inspired by excessive urbanisation to create graphic pieces. La Dix-Neuvième Planque is creating different sorts of tees but always in the same consistent universe, well settled in the urban streets.

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