Kushtone is a brand that deals garments that do not lack creativity. Illustrating the world of weed, the label invariably declines on all its models a rectangular frame filled with a color associated with the name of a variety of cannabis. All the names of bhang are here from the famous White Widow to the Purple Haze through the AK-47. All colors also: to accompany these herbaceous references, the red, the blue, the white or the purple. Under these monochrome flat tints, the brand gives for each weed some details on its composition in terms of Indica, Sativa and its rate in THC. There's nothing better than knowing what you're wearing!

In addition, Kusthone prints all its t-shirts and sweats on quality organic cotton, eco-friendly. Kushtone juggles legitimately and subtly with the soft drug world and its many nicknames for lovers of blunts and marijuana connoisseurs. A collection of weed t-shirts to become addicted to.

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