Douce France

Douce France

Welcome to Douce France, an eldorado of garments printed with old advertising posters that have lulled our childhood and that of past generations. Made in France high-flying graphics. From vintage advertising classified as a historical monument to wear to bring it back to life.

Douce France uncovers the creative concepts and advertising campaigns that marked an era and makes clothing with them. Whether it is to promote a French product, a film or a brand, these designs will awaken your chauvinistic spirit and your national pride. Most have even become references for new generations of graphic designers in advertising agencies. Villemot, Marc, Le Monnier... For the lover of design, these vintage ads tops are real graphic and typographic treasures: explosive colors, clean line drawings, logos of yesteryear. This collection has taste and displays a deep love for France. Discover the flavors of yesteryear and make a jump in the history of French posters of the past by browsing this gallery of cotton tops dedicated to our dear country of our childhood.

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