Catchy is a Parisian brand born in 2012 and defining itself as a brand creating pertinently off the wall t-shirts. A pretty fun and cheeky version of a simple concept: use great figures and paintings of the global cultural heritage and give them the opportunity to wear the it-accessory of our modern time: the sunglasses. The idea came from a picture of Victor Hugo that shortly became Catchy’s trademark and their most famous design. This concept is now developed with deliciously off the wall series with historical paintings, famous people and well done and efficient punchlines.

The brand inspiration comes from history books, art, but also from their experience and memories to find new ideas of things/people having left a strong impression into our century in order to develop sharp and punchy new designs. The brand became famous in France thanks to bonding with music and TV personalities wearing their tees and is now expanding outside their borders. Catchy is printing designs on 100% organic cotton on men and women cuts.

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