Californie Française
Californie Française

Californie Française

What if we were telling you that California has moved and is now living its life in the centre of France? This is where the brand Californie Française has been founded and it is perfectly mixing the French and American styles for our great pleasure. Everything started as a joke between some friends who called their region “French California” so that their friends would want to come and see for themselves how cool it is. In the end, the idea stayed and the brand too, simply hand printed on t-shirts with a beautiful lettering.

Californie Française tee-shirts are available in many colours (pink, yellow, green, blue, orange…) and in many cuts from men and women (crop tops, tank tops, ...). With this very Californian state of mind, the brand doesn't need anything more complicated to make the difference. They are now developing more designs by using different sources of inspirations but they keep this cool and fresh spirit that has made their tees so original.

Sorry Dude. On a encore rien mis ici.

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