1981 Brand
1981 Brand

1981 Brand

JuaNitooX is the founder of the t-shirt label: 1981 BRAND and also a young spanish artist living in Paris who spent his entire life with pencils and moleskines. He is passionate with art and illustrations and studied it at school before he turned himself to 3D, first through an education programme, then learning all by himself. Fascinated with images and pictures, he has been working for several years as a graphic designer, then in the video field, to finally go back to his lifetime passion: drawing. His inspirations are wide, from comics and grafitee to tattoo. The result is simple but very incisive and powerful, often in black and white.

At the end of year 2013, he decided to use a new mean to express himself and has developed his art by creating 1981 Brand. The style is kicking, the designs precise and well done and the artist’s universe is perfect for streetwear. The result of this new project is some very beautiful outfits, numbered as art pieces and silk-printed by hand on a 100% cotton base.

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