Casting Call for SS15 LookBook

Casting Call for SS15 LookBook

For the first time, Grafitee will release a lookbook (multi-brands). We are looking for 5 models (3 boys, 2 girls) to partipate to the photoshooting in Paris this month! Tattoos, beards, piercings, are more than welcome! The contest is open to everyone! Each of the 5 winners will receive a 300€ prize, consisting of very cool tee-shirts and will be feature in Grafitee’s first official lookbook! That´s a killer, isn’t?!

For this big event, we will start with France (Paris), and everything will go through Social Media… Please be aware that we are not looking for ultimate-super-trendyish styles but people with strong character, style and charisma! It´s very easy to participate. Just tweet / post the following message including your picture in a situation:

FACEBOOK : #LIKE (vote) for me to be featured in the lookbook @grafitee on #GRAFITEEPICKME #Model #Contest

TWITTER : #RT (vote) for me to be featured in the lookbook @grafitee on #GRAFITEEPICKME #Model #Contest

INSTAGRAM : LIKE (vote) for me to be featured in the lookbook @grafitee on #GRAFITEEPICKME #Model #Contest

5 winners will be selected among the top 10 most stylish finalists having collected the more RETWEETS and LIKES! So do not hesitate to ask your friends, colleagues, booty calls or family… for their huge support!  This contest starts now! (Final selection will be done on June 22nd. Photoshooting from June 29th to July 3rd)!

Bonus 1: you gain our vote (RT / LIKE) if you tweet a pic of you wearing a t-shirt available on Grafitee eshop !
Bonus 2: we will take into account the number of Likes on the 3 social media (cumulative). So do not hesitate to increase your chances.

Good luck!

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Rémy Boiré x GRAFITEE

Rémy Boiré x GRAFITEE

Here at Grafitee, we’re huge fans of typo ! And especially when it comes to hand lettering. When we started to rework our logo, it was obvious to us that along with the famous “G” (that we simplified as much as possible), we would also add some nice lettering… So we’ve decided to work with one of the best French artist on this matter: Sir Rémy Boiré. And the challenge has been quickly accepted.

At first, we decided to work on a lettering version of “Grafitee” to go with our minimalist logo. But quickly, Rémy got caught up in the game and suggested a hell of an idea: create a serie of several scripts, all different, to reflect the many brands and t-shirts styles that can be found on the shop

After tons of concepts, roughts, techniques and styles (it was a real snap for us), we finally kept 12 of the scripts that represented best our state of mind. And since with us it’s never enough, we decided to work on a little video to keep track of the artwork and memories about this serial scripter master technique…

As we ended up with more than 10 scripts each one cooler than the last, we decided that we had to use each one of them. The observers among you guys may have noticed what happens in the site footer: each time you refresh the page, a new script appears. There is absolutely no purpose to it, but we find it damn cool !

To see a little bit more and follow the artist’s works, do not hesitate to go on his website. Totally worth the check…

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To be or not to be

To be or not to be

In the T-shirt landscape, everything or almost has already been done: community websites, marketplaces, concepts of all kinds… And ironically, we had never really find exactly what we were looking for! Us, passionate from the outset. True admirers of the topic. Singularity providers.

Facing such a situation, you always have 2 choices: suffer or react. We have chosen option 2. Four years after Garry Poupin’s idea (founder of Grafitee), here is our contribution, our bit towards the bigger picture. A marketplace entirely made of independent and authentic brands from all over the world.

For most, you probably already know them. The big news is that you will now be able to shop a good part at the same place, quick and easy… To the perpetual question “But where can I buy this tee?!” here is a quite straight beginning of answer: “right here”.

As it is not our type to do things by half – and since The World is not Enough – we have located the shop in 5 languages and 7 currencies. And for it to be perfectly clear, we even standardized the delivery fees. So whether you are based in Paris, NYC, Tokyo or Ouagadougou, fees are calculated with the same method. And all letters/parcels are sent through recorded delivery parcels.

There is still so much to say. And so much to do. So we let you take your time to discover this new universe (“by enthusiasts for enthusiasts”). And we will unveil more and more in the weeks to come. A huge thanks to the brands, labels and artists who have put their trust in us and into this project. Without all those passionate and creative people, none of this would exist. Peace, Love and Unity.