Illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, tattoo artists, or hand lettering enthusiasts, our selection of artists brings together a panel of raw talents of all backgrounds. They have given us their creations so that we can lay them on cotton. The result: a series of clothing and graphic accessories that we offer you exclusively on the shop. All you have to do is browse through the different profiles to find the gem you're looking for to wear on a daily or occasional basis. A great way to give you pleasure while supporting the creative people who make us vibrate.

  • Aecho

    Talent and imagination overflowing with extravagance. This is what comes out from the design and hip world of Charles Deroyan aka Aecho. This artist has more than one […]

  • Neon Mystic

    It all started in 2004. This year, Tony Graystone graduated from the Art School in Newcastle. With his diploma in hand, the guy has gone to do his world tour to enrich […]

  • Thomas Lamadieu

    Thomas Lamadieu aka ROOTS ART is an illustrator and photographer who draws inspiration from the architecture of cities and its constructions to make real masterpieces on […]

  • ADN

    Adrien Noterdaem (aka ADN) is a Belgian graphic illustrator. Artistic director in a communication agency in Brussels by day and creator of countless illustrations and […]

  • Flowhynot

    Florent Beaufils, better known as Flowhynot, is a French graphic designer and illustrator. Raising himself to the rank of artist, his creations dive us into a world of […]