Born in the 20’s and spread worldwide from the United States first, the t-shirt has become the most worn outfit ever. Every culture, every generation, everyone already knows it. This makes it a basic clothe in our closet, often renewed, always enjoyed. It is a way to express an opinion in a graphic way for some, or just a fashion accessory for others. But we can all agree that this piece enables us to build our own style and mark a difference.

With the globalization, the markets opening and the e-commerce trends, brands have multiplied all kinds of initiatives for the past twenty years. In this context, Grafitee was created in 2008. In permanent search for cool, graphic or just original designs, our magazine has since been covering not only the famous brands but also young indie brands or talented and passionate artists' work. 

Through these many explorations, the magazine has been broaching a large panel of techniques, concepts and styles, always with the same enthusiasm. From the simple basic white style, to the very colorful allover ones. From raglans to pocket. From Tie-die to long tees. From hoodies to crop tops… Nothing (or at least that’s what we tried) was kept away from our radars.

Over the months, the site has made itself quite a reference for alternative fashion and is now one of the few media really focusing on this topic. Ahead of indie creation in Europe and worldwide, Grafitee has been working hard to promote the “T culture” that is now a true society phenomenon. In line with this, the magazine’s editorial line has been opened to other subjects and is now evolving around 4 big themes: Arts, Fashion, Events and Lifestyle.

Our position in the T culture enabled us to think about developing a specialized market place, gathering an exclusive selection of indie brands from all around the world. With t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts and accessories (snapbacks, 5panels, beanies, tote-bags…) available, our catalog is bringing in one spot all the best original creations having three true things in common: eclecticism, personality and originality.

So far, Grafitee is federating more than a hundred fashion labels from about twenty different countries. Our one-of-a-kind platform is for you if you’re a true trend hunter, looking for style and something new, no matter your culture, origin or country. Welcome on board!