Always looking for new products, Grafitee explores the world in search of clothes - printed, original and stylish - T-shirts and Sweatshirts. Our online platform, - one of its kind - currently promotes the Tee Culture from every angle. Through a wide range of brands and styles, our universe is mainly based on independent labels, original concepts and passionate artists, enthusiastically discovered throughout the world. Dive into our departements filled with cotton, round necks and fashion accessories. Some are for men, for women, for children and even for babies. From the most original to the most basic. From the well-behaved to the most offbeat. For all ages. From head to toes. Immediate embarkation into the temple of the coolest clothes ever. No doubt your next dig is here!



    Browse our range of plain and printed T-shirts. Original designs for men, trendy tops for women, cool references for children and cute round necks for babies. But also basics, pocket tees and loads of new garments during the year. Your next T-shirt is here, that's a promise!



    Get your fill of fleece with our full range of graphic sweatshirts. Here you'll find crewnecks, hoodies, male, female, children and babies pieces. From plain, printed, with a pocket, zipped and hooded for a trendy look to wear in winter or summer. Come on, you're gonna love them.



    We all have our favorite brands. There are those that we wear and those we are fancy of. Here are the young labels that make us vibrate everyday. Independent brands that do not lack of ideas, nor audacity, nor creativity to fill our wardrobe. Inspired by handlettering, pop culture, punchlines, the riding world, hype or streetwear. Discover our favorite brands without further delay.



    Dreamers by day, creators by night, our artists won't fail to impress you! Graphic artists, illustrators, tattoo artists, typographers or photographers, they have joined our shop to convey their passion on cotton clothes. Rough talents, discovered all over the world, from Paris to Beijing, in a permanent quest for style and authenticity.

La crème de la crème

Grafitee brings together a wide range of brands and artists carefully selected from around the world. An uncompromising creative force that allows us to offer a choice of tee-shirts, sweatshirts and accessories of quality, with original designs and offbeat prints, endlessly renewed. Collections created with love, mixing trend and humour, design and irony. A wardrobe for the whole family, never short of ideas. An audacious, top notch and eclectic catalog aligned with our values and passions. Our eternal ambition: to offer you the crème de la crème of printed T-shirts.